How You Can Bring Navratri Fashion At Your Work Place?

Navratri is one of the most special festivals of India. It’s a festival of Goddess Durga who is celebrated in her nine forms. People worship Goddess Durga & keep fast for nine days with full enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated with so much of pomp and show across every street that you would not want to miss a single day to be a part of this auspicious & colorful festival.

However, it becomes difficult for working women to get the feel of festive. So here in this blog you will get to find how to bring festive fashion to office.

It’s a work place not a wedding!!

Most of the working women struggle to find the right festive attire for work and none of us would like to over-dress with embroidered apparels and flashy accessories in work environment. Maintaining a formal image of you at work and yet celebrating the festival with gusto is very important.
One should play it safe by wearing a combination of formal and ethnic attire but if you choose to be over-dressed by being draped in rich fabrics, gaudy patterns and bold jewelry then it will leave you feeling uncomfortable with unwanted attention.
So, the mantra at work place is to dress right with decent looking color combination & elegant attire.

Specific Colors on each day!

As you know Navratri is a nine days festival describing the nine forms of Durga and their symbol of color. Usually women tend to get carried away with the nine colors and end up looking like brides. You should understand a dress code which looks appropriate in office and your profession. Be aware that you do not overdo it with bright reds, neon pinks or any other such colors which are an eye sore.

Here we will tell how you can style during these nine days to enjoy the spirit of Navratri at your work place.

  • Day-1
To brighten up your mood wear yellow and as the Navaratri symbolizes the color of prosperity & good luck so the color “Yellow” correlates with laughter, happiness, optimism and good times. Here are some tips and tricks to flatter yellow outfits. You can style in a short tunic, Cotton dress or Anarkali. Those opting for Anarkali can keep patterns subtle with light dupattas. 
To give it a contrast look you can mix and match with neutrals like black, white and metallic. Of course yellow doesn’t need to be too bright on your face so go for a more subtle  approach with adding prints and play it safe with different kinds of hues of yellow. You can ensemble the entire look with an oxidized tassel earrings. These looks are in trends & can be worn at your work environment. 
  • Day-2
Green is the color of nature and the symbol of power & energy. To please the goddesses of purity wear green. The best way to pull off your outfit is to pair it with whites or denim for fresh and stylish look. You can add a twist to your style by wearing a cut out asymmetrical tunic with denim or a bell sleeves kurta with palazzo pants. 
Again go for softer shades of green like mint green as it looks fabulous when matched with the other range of colors. Create a stunning look by pairing with pumps or sandals. 
  • Day-3
Grey is the color of neutrality & balance and it is  the most versatile color that can be worn in many different ways. The third day of navaratri  is dedicated to the Goddess Chandraghanta so to receive the blessings dress in grey. You can stand out the look with neutral pants or soft pastels. 
However you can style in many different ways like pick a long length kurta tunic with Palazzo pants which looks sophisticated and elegant or long dress. If you want more of formal and chic look then you can pair a kurta with bright color palazzo such as red this is the good combination for a festive season but if you want more of a casual look then combine it with asymmetrical short kurti and a jeans. Make sure to keep your accessories simple.
  • Day-4
Orange is the color of cheerfulness & creativity. To please the fourth foam of Goddess Durga, wear orange however this color isn’t an easy way to pull off therefore you should choose the color orange which suits your complexion. You don’t need to attire fully in orange, add some flair in outfit with prints and color blocking.
To get a classic look yet with elegance you can team it A-line empire kurti with white denim or team it a printed kurta with a Patiala salwar or you can make it more interesting wearing a long dress. And if you are not a kurti lover then you can team it with printed long jacket over jeans it gives more of a comfort and yet look stylish. To highlight your overall bold tones of your orange pair it with neutral color of pumps or metallic color sandal.
  • Day-5
White is the color of peace & purity. Fifth day of navaratri is the day of goddess skandamata to receive the blessings wear white. It is the color which is liked by most of the women and you can mix and match with colorful dupatta, denim, embroidered jacket or a scarf. 
White color gives coolness and freshness when it combines with other colors or accessories. With simple and elegant kurtis like these shown below are easy to pull off anywhere it gives a chic and sophisticated look. To prep up your look wear flats or heels with silver earings.
  • Day-6
Red is color of power and strength. On the sixth day Goddess katayani is worshiped. To get the blessing from the goddess katayani dress in red. Whenever you wear a red it always makes an impact people will notice you. It is easy to combine with other colors like black, white, blue and beige as its a versatile color. You can wear red in a subtle way or you can make a bolder statement. 
However the easiest way is to pair it a red kurti with whites always the great combination and to subtle down the color then opt for a prints. You can choose any of the look as per your style and comfort, you can either go for a dress, short tunic or blouse over denim or a long kurta with a palazzo. 
  • Day-7
Royal Blue is the color of superiority & truthfulness. On the seventh day goddess kaalratri is worshiped to receive the blessings wear blue also it’s an excellent color which flatters to all skin types. There are many colors that can go with blue like red, yellow, green,pink however it also depends on the style of your dress. But the best combination comes out with neutrals like silver and white. 
If you want to give a classy look and if you are looking for a tangy look then the combination of blue and mustard yellow is fabulous. It doesn’t need to be necessary that you have to go for only a kurti and palazzo, you can team it with short tunic and dhoti pants or hammer pants and you can even go for a dress. These looks are more sophisticated and yet achieves a festive look.
  • Day-8
Pink is the color of unconditional love and understanding. On this day goddess gauri is worshiped she is the symbol of serenity & beauty. Shades of pinks is generally liked by most of the women You can look trendy and gorgeous by adding bit of texture or prints and contrasts this will helps you to add more complex tone to your look without having to add to much more to your ensemble.
  • Day-9
Purple is the color of royalty and nobility. You can opt for anything from the palest lavender through the brightest violet or the deepest plum. The best way to carry this color is mixing with neutrals it not only gives the earthy look, but it also gives a bohemian vibe. You can create a great ensemble by mixing the shades to tan, gray and whites to create a softer yet very subtle purple.

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